What should I bring for a bike fitting?

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Be prepared when you visit us

Bike Improvement in Ranst carries out extensive bicycle fittings to find your ideal sitting position. Because bicycle fittings depend on many parameters, the analysis usually takes 120 to 150 minutes. But when Bike-Improvement needs to make a lot of adjustments, this process can easily take up to four hours or more.

  • Check that the seatpost has not become jammed.
  • Check whether the cleats are easy to disassemble

In order to make the bicycle fitting run smoothly, Bike-Improvement asks its clients to come prepared. At the bike fitting, Bike Improvement will make various adjustments to your bike, for example to the saddle and the pedals. To facilitate this, Bike Improvement asks you to check that the bike’s seatpost has not become stuck and that the cleats are easy to disassemble before the bike fitting.

What specifically do you need to bring with you for a bicycle fitting?

Of course it is important that you bring your bike with you for the bike analysis or bike fitting. This allows Bike Improvement to easily check what adjustments are needed to meet your requirements on the spot. In addition, Bike Improvement asks you to bring cycling shoes, short cycling pants, a towel and a close fitting shirt (or cycling shirt) so you can take part in video analysis.

  • Bike
  • Cycling shoes
  •  Short cycling shorts
  • Bicycle shirt or close-fitting shirt
  • Towel

Are you visiting for a bike measurement soon? Do you have any questions about what to bring?

Please contact Bike Improvement in Ranst.