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Stephan De Schutter
- Designer of your own bike fitting system
- Training Bicycle Fitting System Basic Course by Paul Swift
- Training Bicycle Fitting System Level 2 advanced biomechanical assesment
or cycling with sêcific emphasis regarding problem solving skill's by Paul Swift.
- Training at Tony Corke cycling Body Position & Foot correction
- Training Applied Kinesiology muscle testing in Nutriceutics
- Training Assymetric Course by Tony Corke. Pelvic Assesment.
- Training Aero Wind Tunnel testing by Tony Corke.
- Training Emmet technique. (Muscle optimization)
- Training Basic Aplied Kinesiology
- Training PAK (Professional Appled Kinesiology) at Joseph Shafer

Bart De Schutter
- Training Bicycle Fiting System Basic Course by Paul Swift
- Training Assymetric Course by Tony Torke. Pelvic Assesment.
- 18 years cyclist of last year aspiring to Elite z.contract.

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0492 31 00 71


Laarstraat 6b 
2520 Ranst

Opening hours: By appointment only

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