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Bike fitting and stress tests

Increase your riding comfort with a bike fitting

When riding a bicycle, it is important that you are comfortable. Because each cyclist is different from the others and the same goes for bicycles, it is important to have a bike fitting carried out so that your bike suits you.

Bike Improvement is the only company in Europe that is recognized by the IBFI (International Bike Fitting Institute) as a Professional Bike Fitter Level 4 (the highest class). This is thanks to years of experience in performing bike fittings based on the specific requirements of the customer. Using different parameters you can find your optimal seating position that will not only increase your riding comfort, but also reduce the risk of injuries. The fitting is carried out according to your requirements, whether you want to be more comfortable or want to improve your overall performance.

Bike-Improvement performs bike fittings and evaluations with top athletes as well as leisure cyclists. Tests can be made on city bikes as well as trekking and e-bikes. Furthermore, Bike-Improvement specialises in cleat adjustment. All bicycle fittings are carried out by appointment.

International bike fitting institute

At the International Bike Fitting Institute we are recognized as Professional Bike Fitter Level 4.

From bicycle fittings to custom solutions

Are you looking for a basic bike fitting or would you prefer a complete fitting where everything is taken into consideration? The complete package includes video analysis, power measurement for fine-tuning and a saddle pressure point reading. Bike Improvement takes into account all the factors that have influence on your ideal sitting position.

Ranst in Ranst carries out bicycle fittings, but also takes the time to look into your measurements. If necessary, your pelvis will be corrected, implementing kinesiology in the bicycle fitting. Bike-Improvement also applies the EMMETT technique to focus on improving your cycling performance. In the past Bike-Improvement has worked with top athletes drawing up training schedules and stress tests.

  • Unique bicycle measurements tailored to the customer's needs

  • Video analysis

  • Saddle pressure point measurement

  • Stress tests and drawing up training schedules

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