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  • Bicycle fitting Basic:

    € 90

  • 1 Bicycle fitting city bike, e-bike, etc. (without adjustment cleats)

    € 70

  • Bicycle adjustment with cleat adjustment up to 18 years of age:

    € 170

  • Bicycle adjustment with cleat adjustment 18 years and over:

    € 230

  • Time trial bike fitting:

    € 270

  • Re-measurement next year up to 18 years:

    € 100

  • Re-measurement next year 18 years and over:

    € 120

  • Setback determination with Mbody EMG device:

    € 30

  • Full analysis with Mbody EMG device:

    € 100

  • Saddle pressure point measurement:

    € 75

  • Adjustment of second bicycle:

    € 65

  • Adaptation or replacement of handlebar or saddle:

    € 35

  • Adjusting cleats on shoes (1 hour):

    € 70

  • Replacing cleats:

    € 25

  • Cleat wedge:

    € 3

  • Heel wedge:

    € 9,5

  • Conconi stress test:

    € 45

  • Leomo motion analysis:

    € 25

  • Session kinesiology:

    € 35

  • EMMETT session:

    € 35

A fitting is valid for a full year, regardless of the problem. Young people up to the age of eighteen pay less, but have to be re-fitted more often.
Payment can only be made with Bancontact.

What does a bicycle fitting at Bike-Improvement involve?

Bicycle fitting basic:
● Customer interview
● Calculating the correct frame size
● Advice on buying a new bike
● You will be given all the measurements needed to adjust the bike in a very rudimentary way. This is a very rough approximation of body measurements (except for the setback saddle). No adjustment is made!

Bicycle fitting (includes the complete package):
● Adjustment of cleats with heel and cleat wedges
● Measuring the customer
● Checking the muscles and pelvis, correcting them if necessary. This is in order to detect any difference in leg length and to have to correct differences in leg length as little as possible (kinesiology).
● Measuring the customer's bike before adjusting the position
● Fine tuning following video analysis
● Fine tuning performance. This is the best adjustment. It avoids things being overlooked. This is not done in most other bike fit labs.
● Saddle pressure point measurement as final adjustment. This is to see if there is still a correction to be made if the customer has a difference in leg length. In addition, the customer can then see whether a better saddle might provide better comfort.


Note: At Bike-Improvement there is only one rate for a bike fitting. Some bike fitters work with different categories, but at Bike-Improvement the bike fitting is never complete until the client can sit optimally on his bike. In our opinion bike fitting is a total service.

Do you still have questions about our rates or bike fittings?

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