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The importance of a bicycle fitting

If you are going to take long bike rides, it is very important to perfect the frame size of your bike. Bike Improvement in Ranst will find your optimal sitting position based on your specific objectives. For the competitive cyclist, aerodynamics are the most important thing, while for a recreational rider, comfort comes first. Bike Improvement searches for the right balance by interviewing you about your needs then using an expert and our equipment, we will measure your body in detail to find the ideal cycling position to meet your needs. Bike Improvement adapts the bike to you and not the other way around! Optimal bicycle positioning helps to prevent complaints like back, neck and knee pain, numb hands, seat problems and more.

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These three conditions are called Efficiency.

How is the fitting done?

Bike Improvement

The bike positioning is done in several steps, but a good warm up is indispensable for everyone. For example, cleats can be adjusted to optimise the power transfer from foot to pedal.

Bike Improvement

Bike-Improvement then measures both the bike and the customer, then maps everything out in detail. Then we check the position of your pelvis and we also check whether all your muscle groups are working properly. With this data Bike-Improvement arrives at the basic bicycle position. Based on this, further adjustments can then be made by means of video analysis.

Bike Improvement

Using laser measuring devices and an ergometer Bike-Improvement finds out where your sitting position can be improved. If you wish, Bike-Improvement also makes use of the LEOMO measuring device where the different angles of your feet, knees and pelvis are measured. The goal, of course, is perfect bike positioning.

Are you a competitive or recreational cyclist and would you like to have the frame size of your bike adjusted?

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